gloriaGloria is a fifty-something divorcee with grown-up children who works in an office during the week and goes dancing in nightclubs on the weekend. Gloria is lonely, but not desperately so. She’s interested in sex, but she’s not looking for pity. She’s worried about losing control, but she’s also aware that she needs to move outside of her comfort zone.  Not quite a comedy and not quite a drama, this Chilean film looks at middle age from a refreshingly even-handed and real-life perspective, not a contrived or tragic one which is so often portrayed in the cinema. Paulina Garcia’s note-perfect performance as Gloria won her Best Actress at the 2013 Berlin Film Festival.

15 cert  – Chile 2013   – Director: Sebastian Lelio
Running time: 110 minutes – Language: Spanish
Cast: Paulina Garcia, Diego Fontecilla, Sergio Hernandez

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