Good Vibrations

Good VibrationsIn Belfast during the1970s, images of sectarian violence, shooting and bombing fill the television screens. In the midst of this mayhem, flower-power devotee and record-shop owner Terri Hooley discovers punk and starts up an independent record label to showcase bands like Stiff Little Fingers and the Undertones who want to present the image of an alternative Ulster. This shambolic unbusiness-like businessman becomes an unlikely magnet for the city’s disaffected youth who wish to escape the grimness of their ordinary lives. This is a heart-warming tale, driven along by a great raucous medley of punk, rock and reggae.

15 cert – UK 2012 – Director: Lisa Barros d’Sa, Glenn Leyburn
Running time: 102 minutes – Language: English
Cast: Richard Dormer, Jodie Whittaker, Karl Johnson, Dylan Moran

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