Hit The Road

Showing: 18th February 2024

Panah Panahi juggles joy, heartbreak and surreal humour in a road movie his imprisoned father would be proud of.

This charming, sharp-witted, and deeply moving comic drama takes the tradition of the Iranian road-trip movie and adds unexpected twists and turns. It follows a family of four — two middle-aged parents and their sons, one a taciturn adult, the other an ebullient six-year-old — as they drive across the Iranian countryside, bonding over memories of the past, grappling with fears of the unknown, and fussing over their sick dog.

Year: 2021
Director: Panah Panahi
Cast: Pantea Panahiha, Mohammad Hassan Madjooni, Rayan Sarlak
Language: Iranian
Duration: 93 Minutes
Cert: 12A