Mrs Harris Goes to Paris

Showing: 17th December 2023

‘Them days are over when you can treat people like scum and expect loyalty in return’. Entertaining and Delightful!

Made in partnership with the House of Dior, this film adaption of Paul Gallico’s1958 novel follows Mrs Ada Harris on a remarkable journey to fulfil her wildest dreams. At first look you might think it is only about wanting to own a beautiful dress but really it’s much more about dreaming big and the value of friendship, love and family.

Widowed and making ends meet working as a cleaning lady, Mrs Harris falls in love with the beautiful Dior designed dresses owned by her super rich and aristocratic employer, Lady Dant. She decides she absolutely must own one herself.

Lesley Manville is completely convincing as Mrs Harris, who, for the next three years scrimps and saves every penny she earns and with a little boost of winnings she finally has enough money to travel to Paris to buy her very own Dior dress. Naively she assumes that once you have the money you can enter that exclusive world of design couture, but it soon becomes clear that there are barriers to break down that she never imagined..

Determined, unflinching and with the support of her wonderful new friends, she will not stop until her dream becomes reality.

  • A feel good movie with a fair slice of witty and wise social commentary.
  • Academy Award for Best Costume Design.

Year: UK 2022
Director: Anthony Fabian
Cast: Lesley Manville, Isabelle Huppert, Jason Isaacs, Alba Baptista, Lambert Wilson, Lucas Bravo, Anna Chancellor
Language: English
Duration: 115 Minutes
Cert: PG