Seven Boxes

seven-boxesVíctor, a 17 year old wheelbarrow leader, dreams of becoming famous, often absorbed by the TV in the appliance store in the Municipal Market. He receives an unusual proposal, to carry 7 boxes of unknown content, in exchange for a torn half of a $ 100 bill. He will get the other half when he finishes the job. With a borrowed cell phone, the contractor uses to tell him the way, Víctor embarks on the journey. Crossing the eight blocks of the market seemed easy but things get complicated along the way. There is something in those boxes that starts a high-speed wheelbarrow chase in the secret and gloomy corridors of the market. This is a low-budget but inventive and tense crime thriller grounded in social realism.

Cert 15 – Paraguay 2014 – Director: Juan Carlos Maneglia
Running time: 100 minutes – Language: Spanish
Cast: Celsa Sebastian Franco, Victor Sosa

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