The Angels’ Share

Ken Loach’s latest film is more feel-good than usual but still retains a background of harsh reality alongside the humour and optimism. Robbie, a young Glaswegian hell-raiser, avoids prison for a violent attack because the judge wants to give him one last chance as his girlfriend has just had a baby. Robbie wants to prove he can turn over a new leaf and be a responsible father. On the community service scheme he is sentenced to attend, the group of odd-balls and petty criminals are persuaded by their kindly supervisor that there is more to life than drugs and thieving – namely the appreciation of fine malt whisky. The group embark on a remarkable and hilarious whisky-themed adventure which introduces them to a world light years away from their gritty home lives.

15 cert – UK 2012 – Director: Ken Loach
Running time: 101 minutes – Language: English
Cast: Paul Brannigan, John Henshaw, Jasmin Riggins

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