timbuktuIn the dunes outside Timbuktu, Kidame, a cattle farmer, has built up a peaceful life with his wife, daughter and a young shepherd boy. Meanwhile, the Jihadis have taken over Timbuktu and are intent on imposing their version of Islam on its citizens where music, laughter, cigarettes, and even soccer have been banned.  Kidame’s isolation ends when a quarrel with a neighbour gets him embroiled in the perverted Jihadi justice system.  A cry from the heart about bigotry, arrogance and violence, Sissako’s film also seeks to understand the motivation behind those responsible for the oppression. Despite the sobering nature of the subject, Timbuktu revels in the joy of people, music and film, making this a witty, beautiful and highly memorable film.

Cert PG – France/Mauritania 2015
Director: Abderrahmane Sissako – Running time: 110 minutes – Language: French/Arabic
Cast: Ibraham Ahmed, Layla Walet Mohamed, Abel Jafri

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